To Do Or Not To Do


“To do or Not to Do”

Somethings really never change and in those things there is a very difficult thing to do and that thing is “Choice” which according to me is the hardest thing to do in life.
A single choice can change the whole track of your life. A single decision can either make your life or destroy it completely. As John C. Maxwell said “ Life is a matter of Choices, and every choice you make makes you”.

Now for me the hardest thing to do yet was to pass 10th, I never had thought about my career and I barely knew which stream I had to take. All I knew was that 10th class was something that had to be passed or your career would be affected. Once I passed this class, life was all Sunshine and Rainbows. I was having the time of my life until the list for selected students for class 11th was out. Subjects were out, Medical and Non Medical, and I was in a dilemma what to do, it was a big deal for me as these were the subjects that I had heard since my childhood, I didn’t want to take any risks with my future. There were other subjects like Arts and Commerce, which were a lot easier than Medical and Non Medical. Choosing between subjects wasn’t easy there were the easy ones and there were the difficult ones, and I had really no idea which subject to take. All I knew was that if I take a subject than I had to give my best to that subject and I had to give the rest of my life to that subject. I consulted my parents and as every other parent they said “Do what you are best at” and unlike me I wasn’t best in anything but the “Jack of All Traits” that is I was average in every subject. I couldn’t decide and as I said, it wasn’t an easy choice to make, because sometimes it is the smallest decisions that change the whole course of your life.
On one hand I was good at Zoology, Botany, Chemistry and on the other hand I was good in Physics, Chemistry, and an average student of Maths. Finally I had to choose and unlike other people who prefer to work on things they are good at, I took up the subject Non Medical because I always wanted to be “ The Business Guy” and all the Business Guys who made a fortune were Engineers, that is a student of Non Medical at some level and on the plus side I also thought about to work on mathematical skills. I was all passionate and excited about my subject.
The day came when I had to join. I took my first Non Medical class, it was damn difficult but yet I could understand somethings and I knew it won’t be easy but still I will be able to do it. There were career counseling lectures, they said that if you aren’t passionate about the subject please don’t take the subject and if your parents have forced you take the subject then its better that you tell them its your life and you should be responsible for your decisions so that if a mishap happens you don’t blame your parents. The choice you make right now will take you where you wants to see yourself in another 10 year. And I realized that I had made a choice that I won’t regret and I won’t blame others for my decisions. It was the greatest feeling in the world that I was responsible for what happens to my life and yet it was a bit terrifying that I will be responsible for whatever happens to my life. Choice, your choice is the thing that either makes you or destroys you.
Either way, Choice is a hard pill to swallow. So, my advice is do what doesn’t make you regret later as its your life. But remember your choice doesn’t only affect you but also affects the life of those around you. As they say “Choices are the Hinges of Destiny”.
Take your time, consult elders, make your “ good at” list and decide, because in the end its your life, live it well, make everyone happy and the most important thing of all, make your parents proud.
Because when you shadow leaves you,your parents don’t, when you quit on yourself, your parents don’t, when you don’t believe in yourself, your parents do. So make them happy no matter what it takes.
Go ahead and take your chances with life, because life has things to offer and you should be able to take them, Go win in life, Go take control of your life.

“ To do or Not to do” is just a phrase which will be there for you, every time you want something from life, you have to decide, you have to choose whether you want it bad enough, is that thing worth it, you have to cease your opportunity for that thing and work as hard as possible.
Rest leave it to God, if God wants to give it to you then no one can take it from you but if God doesn’t want to give to you, no one can give it you.




Written by : Mohammed Hamza Alnasir. Student  of class XI