Watch Video: Weather report from this Kashmiri girl is too cute to miss

Screen grabs from the viral video of the young weather reporter.

Turning adversity into an opportunity is the sign of a successful person and this young lady from Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district proves just that.

Heavy snowfall has disrupted life in the Valley as roads are blocked and power supplies are cut. But this little girl took this opportunity to don the hat of a journalist to play a weather reporter.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, this girl in Shopian is seen reporting about a secret tunnel welded by the children from the neighbourhood.

Holding a stick for a mic, she says, “We are reporting from Shopian where snow has covered houses and building.” She adds, “Some children have made a tunnel here, calling it a study-place in the winters. They have actually gone in the hiding inside the tunnel. The children say that fed up with studies, they are taking a break inside this tunnel. Their parents are looking for them and are not aware of the tunnel.”

She then tries taking a byte from one of the children inside and as one refuses to comment, she wittingly says, “Looks like he has gone numb from the cold.”

The girl’s playfulness, news-sense and talent have charmed many on social media. Many are calling her the upcoming face of journalism.

While one user on social media sent her blessings to the girl, the other said, “Hidden talent, mind-blowing, super”.