Bengal farmer’s son is key scientist in Chandrayaan-2 mission


Kolkata, July 16: From working in fields with his father to leading a part of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, Chandrakanta has come a long way.

The son of a Bengali farmer, Chandrakanta is a key part of Chandrayaan-2, India’s most ambitious space project.

Even though the launch of the lunar mission was postponed, the family could not be any more proud their son’s achievements.

Chandrakanta’s father, Madhusudan Kumar, who lives in Shibpur village in Hooghly district with his wife, was up all night on Sunday to catch the launch live along with the entire village.

“I don’t understand much about the work but since his seniors were confident of his work therefore he has been given such a big responsibility,” Madhusudan Kumar told India Today TV.

“We are a little sad that after the whole night’s wait the launch has been postponed but we are hopeful that it will be successful,” Chandrakanta’s father said.

After joining Isro in 2001, Chandrakanta climbed the ladder steadily to become a key scientist in the prestigious Chandrayaan-2 project. He was made incharge of the satellite system that is pivotal ensuring a communication link between the Moon rover and the mission control back on Earth.

Chandrakanta’s brother Shashikant is also a scientist at Indian space agency. Interestingly, both sons are named after the Moon.