After Kerala elephant, cow’s mouth blows off in Himachal’s Bilaspur after eating firecrackers wrapped in wheat-flour balls

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Dharamsala, June 6: The killing of a pregnant female elephant with firecrackers in Kerala evoked national outrage. A similar incident has surfaced in Bilaspur district of Himachal.

In this case, a cow had her mouth blown off after consuming firecrackers wrapped in wheat flour. The incident took place on May 26th in Jandutta area of Bilaspur. 

However, after the killing of the pregnant elephant came to light, the images of a blown-off face of the cow also went viral in Himachal. 

Netizens are demanding strict action against the people who are responsible for injuring the cow.  

When contacted, SP Bilaspur Divakar Sharma, he said that in the present case, a highly explosive firecracker, “Aalu Bomb”, was kept inside the ball of wheat flour, which exploded when the chow chewed it, injuring her mouth. 

A case under 286 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has been registered in the matter. 

The role of the main accused and other people in the case is being investigated into, he said.  

Sources said that farmers generally keep fire-crackers in wheat flour balls to kill wild animals—generally for wild boars that attack their crops. 

A forest official—who spoke on the condition of anonymity—said that poachers, also, use a similar technique to kill wild boars, but sometimes domestic and stray animals also fall victims to such tactics.