Fuel shortage sparks outrage in Valley

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Srinagar, January 13: Fuel stations continue to run dry giving a tough time to transporters and common people as the Jammu and Kashmir National Highway remained blocked for the second consecutive day, owning to inclement weather.

However, the officials on Sunday said: “Fresh supplies of fuel and food items were received in Srinagar. The fuel supplies included 35 gas tankers and 21 gas trucks and 99 diesel and 76 petrol tankers. These also include 21 tankers of kerosene oil.”

The food supplies received include 71 rice trucks, 26 vegetable trucks and 10 trucks with mutton and poultry.

The supplies were received at 9 am. More supplies were on the way at the time of filing this report.

The administration has urged the general public not to panic and has assured them that the stock of essential supplies was being replenished.

There has been a shortage of fuel, particularly in Srinagar, as the petrol pumps were running dry. Earlier, two fuel stations on the national highway had received fuel supply, where hundreds of people waited in a queue for their turn. The national highway often remains shut due to bad weather, affecting the arrival of essential supplies, particularly cooking gas and petrol.

Many residents said they left their two-wheelers and cars in their offices, as they were running out of fuel.

“My scooty is at a public parking place for the last three days, as I tried looking for petrol, but there is none. The government should stock supplies for winter months in advance, as everyone is furious because we are suffering for basic amenities,” said Shabena Khan, a resident of Ahmed Nagar in Srinagar.

Another 28-year-old banker from Natipora Srinagar said he kept his car at the office parking as it had no fuel. He said he was unable to find petrol in Srinagar. Earlier, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Baseer Ahmad Khan, had asked the oil depot owners to stock fuel supplies, as bad weather was affecting the smooth movement of traffic on the highway, due to which trucks often remain stuck for days.