Delhi gang-rape victim’s mother slams Indira Jaising for ‘advising’ her to pardon rape convicts

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New Delhi, January 18: “Who is Indira Jaising to give me such a suggestion?” replied the mother of December 2012 Delhi gang-rape and murder victim after the senior lawyer asked her to forgive the four men, who are on death row for committing the brutal crime against her daughter

The mother was reacting to Indira Jaising’s tweet on Friday.

“Who is Indira Jaising to give me such a suggestion? The whole country wants the convicts to be executed. Just because of people like her, justice is not done with rape victims,” she told newsagency ANI.

“I can’t believe how Indira Jaising even dared to suggest such this. I met her many times over the years in the Supreme Court, not once did she ask for my wellbeing and today she is speaking for convicts. Such people earn a livelihood by supporting rapists, hence rape incidents don’t stop,” she said.

Jaising had tweeted the request soon after the mother had said she felt “betrayed” after a court in Delhi deferred the date of the execution of the four convicts from January 22 to February 1.

The senior lawyer wrote: “While I fully identify with the pain of Asha Devi I urge her to follow the example of Sonia Gandhi who forgave Nalini and said she didn’t not want the death penalty for her. We are with you but against death penalty.”

The four convicts — Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma — were among the six men who brutally gang-raped the paramedical student on a moving bus on December 16, 2012, and pushed her out of the vehicle.

Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma were convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.

One of the convicts was a juvenile and let off after serving three years in a reform home and the other allegedly committed suicide in jail.