Chandigarh May 17: The session began with a meditative relaxation by Ms Tanya Gupta from Department of Zoology, Panjab University. This was followed by Ms Akanksha Mahajan, PhD scholar from University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PU who welcomed Ms Manjula and introduced her with the aspiring attendees.

Ms Manjula addressed the gathering by introducing the practical aspects of meditation. She stressed on the importance of doing meditation in the early hours of morning- ‘The Amrit Vela’ by quoting the “Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg.” She beautifully described the process of creation of the Universe through the well accepted scientific theory of Big Bang followed by the creation of life on Earth, as described in Vedas, from the vibrating entity, Om Rashmi, thus aligning Modern Science with Vedic Philosophy .

Ms Manjula explained about the type of atmosphere prevailed before creation and told that meditating in early hours of morning help us to attain the same state of contraction (Mahapralaya)She then proceeded to shed light on how the early morning hours are at par with the suitable environment of our surroundings that stands in harmony with our inner Higher self. They are neither hot as in daytime, nor as cold as in nights, but a perfect amalgamation of both. Also at this point of time, the Sushumna Nadi between lunar energy channel ( chandra nadi connected to left nostril)and Solar energy channel (Surya nadi connected to right nostril) one, is functional, and the cosmic energy flow towards our body is maximum. This time there is complete  balance in our peripheral nervous system, sympathetic and para sympathetic.She asked everyone to check their breathing pattern while explaining about Suraya Nadi and Chandra Nadi.

The speaker also unfolded the mystery around the benefits of a cleaning technique to wash out all the accumulated, unwanted things so impressed on the mindset of oneself during the day’s time. This complementary, cleansing half an hour process can refresh the being, amazingly. She also sensitised about daily diary writing, especially after meditation to judge the inner condition while allowing one to “introspect and correct” . She concluded her talk by focusing on how the right time, place and posture is necessary to experience meditation in all its glory with maximum energy. 

Prof O.P. Katare, SDP Coordinator and Professor from University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PU invited the participants to take training in meditation from the Heartfulness trainers who are spread all over the globe in around 160 countries. The lecture was a perfect mix of Science and Spirituality and witnessed a gathering of more than 50 participants including post-graduate students and research scholars of various disciplines, teachers and principals as well as members from the corporate  sector. Notably, the session was graced by the high level dignitaries from different places like Prof Archna Pandey, Dean Faculty, Central University, Sagar MP, Prof Gautam Singhavi, BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, Ms Harpreet Gill, HR Director, Venus Remedies, Baddi, and Prof Nandita Singh Shukla and Latika Sharma of Education Department of Panjab University.  The session came to an end with a Vote of Thanks by Ms Akanksha Mahajan.