Is Big Daddy desperately trying to hide his belly!!!


    The actual floor height on the recently launched Scorpio N, represented by the blue line, falls way below the wheel centers. The cleverly added plastic cladding of multiple finishes creates an illusion of a raised floor. Refer to the yellow line, which visually makes you perceive the design to be taut!

    Well, it might have 4wd abilities and might even be decent enough to drive, but there’s no escaping the fact that it’s actually a VAN that’s pretending to be something else!!
    Compare that to the floor lines (blue lines again for reference) of the present Scorpio and of course the Fortuner (That the world is hell bent on squashing). Not only are these more authentically athletic to look at, both of these know how to keep their skirts (or Lungis – as is the case with us Desis) well above the wheel centers!