JU’s Poonch Campus Students Showcase Exceptional Art and Craft Creations



Poonch, September 13 : The talented students of the Department of Sericulture Poonch Campus, University of Jammu have once again demonstrated their artistic prowess by crafting a remarkable array of art and craft items. In a delightful display of creativity and skill, the students have produced an impressive collection of handmade crafts that reflect their dedication and passion for the arts.

The event organized by Poonch Campus University of Jammu, featured a wide range of art and craft items, including Bouquets, Wall hanging rosette, Saraswati painting other forms of creative expression. These creations are a testament to the creative talent flourishing within the Poonch Campus.

This art and craft event provided a platform for students to not only showcase their artistic abilities but also to explore their entrepreneurial skills as many of the items were available for purchase.

Director Poonch Campus Prof. Rakesh Vaid expressed great pride in the students’ achievements, saying, “Our students have once again demonstrated their incredible talents in the realm of art and craft. We believe in nurturing their creativity and providing them with opportunities to shine. The quality and diversity of the items on display are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students.”

Incharge Department of Sericulture Dr Rubia Bukhari while lauding the efforts of the students of the Department of Sericulture for demonstrating their artistic prowess by crafting a remarkable array of art and craft items, She said that the event will drew attention to the importance of fostering creativity and artistic expression within educational institutions. “Poonch Campus under the able guidance of Director Prof. Rakesh Vaid is committed to providing a holistic education that encourages students to explore their passions and develop skills beyond academics,” She added.

Students who participated in the event were Ajay Sadotra, Nitish Singh Pangotra, Chail Singh, Sonia, Khair Un Nisa, Jyoti Sharma, Simran Shan, Shivali, Kajal Bhandari, Nuzat Arra, Rabia Qureshi, Shakshi Devi, Bindiya Verma and Shaista Shabir.

The exhibition was well-attended, drawing visitors from the students , teaching as well as non-teaching staff of the campus. “Poonch Campus has created a vibrant atmosphere where artistic conversations flourished, and new friendships were forged,” said a students of Campus Ms Simran Shan and Ms Jyoti Sharma.

Another student Mr. Nitish Singh Pangotra Poonch said that Campus continues to be a hub for innovation and creativity, and the success of this art and craft exhibition underscores the institution’s dedication to promoting the arts as an integral part of education.

Present on the occasion includes; Dr. Suraksha Chanotra, Dr. Jyoti Angotra, Dr. Palvi Sharma, Miss Kalpna Sudan, Mr Sahil Choudhary, Mr Mohd Arshad Mr Mohd Sagheer and Mr. Sandeep Kumar.