DIET Banihal Conducts 5 day Capacity Building Programme On “Four Skills Of Teaching Languages”


Banihal :- 22nd Jan 2023: PSTE Wing DIET Banihal conducted 5 day Capacity Building Programme (CBP) on ” Four  skills of teaching languages”at GHSS Banihal.

50 primry level teachers from six educational zones attended this training programme .The aim and obective of this CBP was to develop the pedagogical skills among primary level teachers and acquaint them with the basic skills of teaching languages viz English,Urdu,Hindi etc.

The CBP was formally inaugurated by Smt.Sudesh Principal DIET Banihal whereas S A Tantary Principal GHSS was also present at the inaugural session.

Among DIET faculty members, SajadHussain Katoch, Irfan Ahmed Bhat and Ghulam Mohd Bohroo were also present.

While interacting with the participants Principal DIET Banihal asked the participants to update  themselves with the modern trends and techniques of teaching.

She said that teaching at primary level was a tough and challanging task which requires mastery over teaching skills. Since govt was going to implement NEP 2020 so a big responsibility lied on the shoulders of primary level teachers, she added.

She said that now teacher has to play multiple roles so it is important rather necessary for the teachers to remain updated so that he/ she may cater to the needs and requirements of the students.She said that development of literacy among the learners at foundational stage is the prime importance so it is important to train  primary level teachers accordingly.She said that the primary level teachers are bound to work hard so that the goals and targets may be realized.She asked the participants to remain concerned and take these experiences to the actual classroom and facilitate learners accordingly.

Mr.S A Tantary Principal GHSS Banihal also interacted with the participants and asked them to develop teaching competency and enhance their knowledge and skills.He asked the participants to develop work culture in the educational institutions and exploit the available resources .He said that they should not wait but to creae the opportunities in the larger interest of student community.He said that NEP 2020 focuses on competency based learnig through innovative pedagogy.He said that one must be resourceful enough and those resources should be used for the common interest of the students.We should try to change the general perception of the people regarding govt schools by setting examples.He said that teacher is the real architect of progressive society so his contribution should reflect accordingly.He also advised the participants to update themselves and develop pedagogical skills so that the knowledge and information can be transferred to the learners.

M A Katoch,the coordinator of this CBP highlighted the objectives of conducting this CBP .He has briefly discussed the importance of developing four skills of teaching languages among primary level teachers.He said that it was important for the teacher to know the pedagogy and approaches of teaching languages.He said that the primary level teachers should be well oriented so that they may facilitate learners for sustainable development.He said that NEP 2020 focuses on competency based learnig through innovative pedagogy and those art and skills need to be developed among primary level teacher

He said that it was important to apply appropriate teaching techniques for developing literacy and teachers must know the pedagogy.He said that focus is being laid to develop literacy among the learners and DIET Banihal has been organizing various training programmes to prepare teachers to realize the goals of NIPUN BHARAT Mission and for effective implementation of NEP 2020. He said that since govt is goining to implement  NEP 2020 so the need has arisen to train teachers,acquaint them and enhance their knowledge so that they may be able to promote inquiry based, experience based and play based learning to ensure holistic development

.It is pertinent to mention here that some of the key resource persons were invited for this CBP.Dr.Ashid Ahmed Salroo Sr.Academic officer DIET Anantnag has deliver his guest lecture on 21st century skills whereas another Key Resource person Mr.Sajid Ramzan  also delivered his lecture on teaching Urdu in the light of NEP 2020.Others who have delivered their presentation include Dr.Bilal Ahmed Makhdoomi on “approach of teaching Urdu” Shameem Ahmed Runyal on Importance of four basic skills  for teaching languages,Indu Sharma “how to teach hindi at primary level” ,Nawaz Sharief Mir on ” how to develop English lanuage at primary level “.

It is worthwhile to mention here that as a pre-training analysis a questionnaire was administered to the participants to understand their level and analyse what are the needs of primary level teachers.

At the end of this CBP the participants acknowledged the efforts of all the RPs who have tried their best to develop pedagogical skills among the participants.The participants in their feedback extended gratitude to Principal DIET Banihal for conducting successful programme and placing best possible arrangements in this severe chill cold.

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