SRINAGAR, MAY 15: All Jammu & Kashmir Fisheries Employees Association staged a protest in press enclave srinagar headed by President of  fisheries employees Mr. Athar Muzaffar Reshi. All the State and District level representatives and members participated in the protest. Following points were unanimously highlighted on prionty .

1.The association demanded the removal of pay disparity of fisheries employees existing since 1981
2. In the recent Govt. order employees have been courtesy pay commission report chapter 8), However fisheries employees work 24 hours a day. In this context the association demanded 2% day salary failing which they will work for 40 hours a week only work for 40 hours in a week only.
3. SRO 296 dated 10-08-2008 should be implemented.
4. The association demanded the transfer of Khalid Mahmood to his parental district He should not be provided undue advantage in contradiction to his credentials and curriculum vitae .
5. Update seniority list annually
6. The assocíation demanded the transparent transfer policy
7. The association demanded the transfer of field Development Assistants and Deputy Inspectors who have been posted at a single place from many years
8. One time benefit should be provided to chinhat trainces
9. Uniform and boots be provided to employees. Moreover sewing charges should be provided as per existing market rates.