Jammu: Virat Kohli has announced his decision to quit as the captain of test squad via Twitter on Saturday evening. The decision came after India’s loss to South Africa 2-1.

In a very short span of time Kohli has quit from captaincy of IPL team Royal Chalengers Banglore, T-20 Team India and now Test Team as well. Inbetween he lost captaincy of 50 over team to Rohit Sharma.

Speculations are rife that the decision came as he was not expecting the same support from Rahul Dravid as he was getting from Ravi Shastri. And his relationship with BCCI boss Sourav Ganguli also did not appear to be as rosy as one would have expected.

Team India was at No. 7 when Kohli took over as test captain and reached No1 under his leadership in ICC team rankings. However his leadership came into question the way he handled Ravi Chander Ashvin and few other players, Ashvin being more vocal about his dissent.