Third International Conference on Sarasvati River at PU


The Panjab University, Chandigarh in collaboration with the Haryana Saraswati
Heritage Development Board (HSHDB) organized Third International Conference on
Sarasvati River on the theme of “Agriculture Practices and Archaeological Evidences &
Exploration along Sarasvati River Palaeochannel”, here today.
Padam Shri Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, the renowned environmentalist, was the
Chief Guest of the day. He welcomed the move of rejuvenation and rediscovery of River
Sarasvati by saying that the people are becoming aware about the importance of water
resources and their preservation. He said that it is a matter of contradiction that on
one side we worship the river and on the other side we pollute them. Without a proper
waste water management, the talk of rejuvenating the lost rivers would be a futile
Professor Ram Gopal, Chairman, Research Advisory Board for Indian Research
Institute for Integrated Medicine, Howrah, in his keynote address highlighted the
initiatives of ISRO and DRDO in the study of Sarasvati’s Palaeochannels in Rajasthan
and use of Satellite technology for the management of India’s water resources.
Ajit Balaji Joshi, CEO, HSHDB spoke about the importance of the project
of rediscovering River Sarasvati. He said that the Haryana Government is planning to
develop three dams out of which one would be constructed at Adi-Badri – the place of
origin of River Sarasvati. He asked scholars to explore the importance of River
Sarasvati, which is deeply ingrained in the popular and public psyche in India. Thus,
River Sarasvati according to Ajit Balaji Joshi is a part of our inner core.
Professor Balram Singh, Institute of Advanced Science, Dartmouth belongs to an
advanced rural area of USA, from which a country like India can learn to manage its
natural resources.
Earlier, Professor Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab  in his welcome address
said that on the basis of conclusions and findings of the conference a work plan would
be prepared and submitted to the government. He also highlighted the significance of
Sarasvati as a River and Civilization itself. PU VC underlined the significance of
River Sarasvati in the formation of Triveni or Sangam in Uttar Pradesh and therefore,
it is our prime duty to revive and rejuvenate on the River Sarasvati.
Professor Anju Suri, Chairperson, Department of History and Convener of the
Conference introduced the theme of the conference. She traced the historical journey
of River Sarasvati and highlighted the role of it in the formation of Indian