‘COVID-19(IPC)- DSEJ holds Virtual Consultation with Doctor.


Counselling Cell, DSEJ holds 3rd virtual consultation on COVID19 IPC (Infection, Prevention and Control) in its planned bi-weekly series of webinars in which Dr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, Director School Education Jammu was the chief guest and Dr. Sandeep Dogra, Associate Professor, Microbiology (MD, MAMS, FAIMER fellow at GMC Jammu) was the key resource person.

Dr. Sandeep addressed various queries (fears, apprehensions, myth busters) of school education stakeholders amidst a plethora of misinformation, sharp rise in numbers of covid cases and fatalities.

Dr. Ravi Shankar Sharma Director School Education Jammu in his remarks highlighted the importance of such consultations when the department has already lost many of proud teachers and officials. He assured his full support to counselling cell for all such events in which teachers, parents and learners are directly benefitted. He extended thanks to Dr. Sandeep for his expert views and Mr. Danish Aziz, Education Specialist (J&K), UNICEF India for providing technical support. He called upon the participants to attend the session for correct information to remain stress free, calm and confident during the pandemic.
Dr. Sandeep Dogra answered the queries related to precautions (wearing double masks, frequent hand washing and be in doors unless necessary to go out) testing schedule, vaccination, various waves of covid19 beginning from 2020, proper and regular ventilation (virus can spread through droplets of positive person in isolated room). All should promote intake of natural resources full of proteins, vitamins and minerals and avoid fast and fatty food etc for strong immunity, he added.
He urged all to maintain positive mental health looking at the recovery rate of covid cases which is very high.
Pertinent to mention here that a silent prayer was held in the beginning to pay homage to educators and officials who lost their life while battling the viral infection.
Romesh Sharma, Head Counselling Cell DSEJ, assured the DSEJ and participants that in this series, psychological consultations will follow as this pandemic has become more of psyho-biological issue owing to growth of fears, bereavements, myths etc.
Responding to overwhelming interaction between the expert and participants he added that the counselling cell will always remain active to boost the morale of all stakeholders.

Dr. Surinder Kumar moderated the session whereas Dr Alka Sharma presented thebvote of thanks.
Ms Bindu Kumari and Ms Ruhi Kouser along with other team members coordinated in the smooth conduct of the session.