271 Molekule Air Purifiers received at PU from Molekule USA


Chandigarh May 15: Molekule Inc. USA in partnership with the Panjab University to get Molekule air purifiers to COVID wards and ICUs at various hospitals in Chandigarh and Punjab, including makeshift COVID hospital at the Panjab University. Today,  Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ganga Ram Chaudhary, Director SAIF/CIL and Dr. Rajeev Kumar from Environment Studies received 271 Molekule Air purifier units at SAIF/CIL, Panjab University.

Dr. Jaspreet Singh Dhau Panjab University’s distinguished Alumni and Head of R&D at Molekule Inc. USA demonstrated assembling Air Purifier to the technical staff members of SAIF/CIL through online mode. 

Dr. Jaspreet Singh Dhau, is spearheading the campaign to provide Molekule Air purifiers to various hospitals in India. He said, “Molekule is with India in its fight against coronavirus. Together we can and will defeat this dreaded virus.

Molekule’s founders, who are of Indian origin, and many of its employees have a deep connection and love for India. We are thinking of all affected and send courage to those helping with the effort to battle the current wave.COVID-19 is known to be transmitted from person to person by exposure to aerosolized respiratory droplets. This makes adequate indoor air purification and ventilation extremely critical. We hope that these Molekule devices will add an extra layer of protection for the air in hospitals, clinics, and health centers in India.

Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, appreciated the joint venture of Molekule and PU and stated that this will help in fighting with the Corona Virus. He has set up a team of volunteers to coordinate the donation of these units to the hospitals. A team of Prof. Ganga Ram Chaudhary, SAIF/CIL employees and PU students will be helping in assembling and setting up these air purifiers at emergency wards, ICUs, COVID wards, and even waiting rooms to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. Students and staff members are enthusiastically volunteering for this noble cause.

Given the deepening COVID-19 crisis in India and the increasing threat to the health of citizens and healthcare workers, Molekule is donating 2,000 air purifiers, worth more than 7.5 crore rupees, to hospitals across the country to help aid in the battle against the virus and provide patients, doctors, and staff with much needed clean air.

Background on Molekule 

  • Molekule’s core technology (PECO) is designed to destroy airborne pollutants like viruses, bacteria, mold, or chemicals in the air known as VOCs. PECO utilizes photocatalysis to speed up oxidation, breaking down pollutants at the molecular level. Each one of Molekule devices leverages PECO technology to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the HEPA standard tests for.
  • For more information on 3rd party testing, go to molekule.com/in-en/papers. Our tests on PECO indicate:
    • Up to 99.99% inactivation of coronavirus strains (porcine & bovine) and H1N1 flu virus. *Testing completed with the University of Minnesota, USA in 2020
    • Up to 95% destruction of VOCs and ozone (airborne chemicals). *Testing completed with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA in 2019
    • Up to 99.9% destruction of bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air. *Testing completed with Aerosol Research & Engineering Labs (ARE), USA in 2020
  • Molekule Air Mini & Air Mini+ are designed for smaller rooms and can destroy indoor air pollutants, like viruses, mold, and allergens. 
  • Molekule Air Pro RX was originally designed for medical purposes in the United States. It is optimized for air purification in multipurpose facilities such as hospitals, offices, department stores, and schools.