Integrity, Kindness, Fairness And Loyalty Are Dominant Character Traits Of Jammu Youth: A Research Study Finds.


Integrity, kindness, and fairness and loyalty are dominant character traits of Jammu youth: A research study finds.

JAMMU: Integrity, kindness, spirituality, fairness and citizenship came out to be signature/top character strengths in college students from Jammu in the findings of a Ph.D research study conducted by Dr. Romesh Kumar under the supervision of Dr. Arti Bakhshi, Prof. and Head Department of Psychology, University of Jammu. The sample comprised of students from all the degree college of District Jammu. To conclude Jammu College students were higher on community strengths and comparatively lower on Temperance (self-control) strengths. Males scored better than females on strengths of courage viz: bravery, perseverance and vitality whereas females scored higher than males on love and kindness. Character strengths hope, forgiveness, vitality, prudence and gratitude emerged as significantly contributing factors to positive mental health of college students in line with many global studies.

The research study entitled “character strengths, positive mental health and resilience among college students” was undertaken as per globally recognized model of values namely Values in Action classification arrived at by Peterson and Seligman and Flourishing model by American Sociologist Corey LM Keyes.

Study further revealed that 39.2 percent of students were flourishing, i.e having high well-being while 6.8 percent were diagnosed as languishing i.e. having low well-being while rest 54 percent were diagnosed as moderately mentally healthy. Languishing is the mood of year 2021 as pointed by many psychologists. If not taken proper care languishing persons can turn into depression. Researchers recommend making mental health/well-being assessment of youth a priority, looking at the poor standing of India in World happiness Index report 2021.

The research study was conducted with support from Values in Action (VIA) Institute of Character situated at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The findings have implications for development of approaches to mental health promotion in institutes of higher education in India. Character strengths assessment and interventions may form the part of mission youth J&K to transform youth of J&K into happy, resilient, engaged and productive youth working at the peak of their potential. Results of the study may help parents, teachers, healthcare workers and counselors across cultures to foster these essential strengths closely linked with positive mental health and resilience in people to better cope with life difficulties achieve well-being and have a fulfilled, prosperous life.