CEO Udhampur Arvin Koul Chairs Review Meeting


Udhampur: A meeting of all Zonal Education Officers of Udhampur district was held under the chairmanship of Chief Education Officer, Udhampur Sh. Arvin Kumar Koul at Chief Education Office, Udhampur to review and discuss the various issues of the department which was also attended by the District Social Welfare Officer, Udhampur Mr. Gourav Gupta. All Zonal Education Officers were present in the meeting.

Agenda Points of the meeting:-

  1. Clearance of OB and Audit Paras- All ZEOs instruct to put on all effort to clear/Reply all the OB and Audit Paras of their respective offices and their Zones.
  2. Scholarship Schemes – Stress was laid on the achievements regarding all types of Scholarship Schemes especially Pre-matric and Post-matric  for SC,ST and OBC Categories
  3. Feasibility of Creation of New Educational Zones- Feasibility of Creation of New Educational Zones in District Udhampur was also discussed in details and 4 committees of ZEO’s were constituted for this purpose.
  4. Toilets, Water and Electricity facility in Schools- All ZEOs were asked to furnish accurate and timely information regarding basic facilities of their respective zones as per the performa already circulated in various groups.
  5. Salary of Masters, Teachers, RET/ RRETs/ Grade-II and Grade-III- All ZEOs were directed to ensure timely disbursement of Pay/Salary on monthly basis as admissible under rules.

In the conclusion of the meeting the Chief Education Officer Udhampur Sh. Arvin Kumar Koul interacted and thanked the Zonal Education Officers for attending the meeting and requested all Zonal Education Officers to implement the decisions / instructions issued in the meeting and action taken report in this regard be furnished to this office within four to five Days positively.