Chief Education Officer Doda holds virtual meet with Booth Level Officers(BLO’s) of District Doda


Doda April 01 : As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, the Chief Education Officer Doda Sh.Parkash Lal Thapa,Nodal Officer for AMF under the direction of District Election Officer Doda Harvinder Singh IAS is leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum voter awareness and participation. A comprehensive Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Program (SVEEP) were organized across various locations in the district, aiming to educate and mobilize the public for the upcoming electoral process.

In this regard Chief Education Officer today holds virtual meeting with Booth level officers (BLO’s) to ensure Assured Minimum Facilities at every polling stations for forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

The meeting was also attended by District Education Planning Officer Doda Dr.Anis Ahmed and 529 Booth Level Officers through Zoom CEO interacted with BLO”s and instructions were given to make sure basic arrangements viz Proper electrification,Washrooms as well as proper cleanliness at every polling stations well in time for the smooth conduct of Lok Sabha Elections which is scheduled on 19 April 2024 (Phase-I).

Besides this CEO also directed the BLOs to also take active part in ongoing SVEEP activities in different locations with organising bodies and ensure maximum participation of new voters.The active participation from citizens of all age groups and backgrounds. Various initiatives such as voter awareness rallies, street plays, poster campaigns, and door-to-door campaigns may be organized to disseminate important information about the electoral process, including voter registration, polling booth locations, and voting procedures and community members to make awareness.