Artists present Nukkad Natak under SVEEP Program at Doda



DODA,08/04/2024:A spirited Nukkad Natak performance took centre stage yesterday at old bus stand doda Chowk, and today in Bhaderwah to promote voters participation in upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Organized under the ongoing Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation SVEEP awareness campaign in the district, the event unfolded under the guidance of District Election Officer DEO,Sh.Harvinder Singh IAS . The initiative operated seamlessly under the close supervision of District Nodal Officer SVEEP Sh.Manoj Kumar. A group of artists from Natrang group along with students of different schools presented Nukkad Natak titled “Lokatantra Ka Asli Mantra “directed by Neeraj Kant and featuring Balwant Thakur’s script. The aim was to enhance understanding of voting related processes and promote electoral literacy, especially among first time voters, preparing them for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The DEO emphasised that the initiative resonates with the overarching commitment of the District Administration Doda to ensure inclusive governance and participatory democracy. By leveraging innovative approaches to civic education and community engagement, such endeavours aim to empower citizens with knowledge, thereby fostering a culture of responsible citizenship and democratic stewardship. He added that as the countdown to Lok Sabha Elections 2024 gains momentum, initiatives like the Nukkad Natak performance stand as a beacon of inspiration, rallying communities towards informed and ethical electoral practices.

Besides,The Chief Education Officer Doda Sh.Parkash Lal Thapa have directed all the HOI,s of schools to organise rallies,Symposiums,debates,poster making competition and other related activities under SVEEP and submit photographs and videos on daily basis.

The District Administration Doda remains steadfast in its resolve to uphold integrity of electoral process and nurture a culture of active citizenship