Chief Education Officer Doda Ensures Minimum Assured Facilities(AMF) in different Polling Stations of Zone Ghat District Doda.


Doda, March 18-Chief Education Officer Doda Sh.Parkash Lal Thapa along with District Education Planning Officer Doda Dr.Anis Ahmed had a physical verification of schools and polling stations of Ghat Zone and ensured full assured minimum facilities at the polling stations for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 which are going to be held from April 19 (Phase-I) besides this also directed the officials that no posters/writing or hoardings of any kind of political parties or any other organisations are on the walls of premises of government school buildings.
The Chief Education Officer Doda along with DEPO Doda also conducted a comprehensive inspection of examination centers of HSS Ghat and HSS Jodhpur and HSS Jatheli today, reaffirming the administration’s dedication to maintaining the integrity and fairness of the examination process.CEO personal visit aimed to enforce strict adherence to established protocols and swiftly address any potential challenges encountered during the ongoing examinations.During the inspection,Sh.PL Thapa meticulously assessed the facilities and arrangements, prioritizing optimal conditions for students. Interactions with examination staff, supervisors provided valuable insights and facilitated prompt issue resolution.Emphasizing a secure and conducive examination environment,Chief Education Officer directed officials to maintain vigilance and implement stringent measures against malpractice. The administration’s commitment to transparent and merit-based processes was underscored.Furthermore, highlighted the importance of supporting examination centers and ensuring seamless processes, reflecting the administration’s dedication to excellence in education.Stakeholders can trust in the administration’s commitment to prioritizing examination integrity, contributing to the holistic development of students in District Doda.