JU’s Bhaderwah Campus Celebrated World Yoga Day “Yoga for Self and Society


Bhaderwah, 21 : Bhaderwah Campus of the University of Jammu celebrated World Yoga Day with great enthusiasm and active participation from all students, teaching staff, and non-teaching staff of Bhaderwah Campus, along with attendees from Little Angels School. This year’s celebration embraced the theme “Yoga for Self and Society,” promoting the benefits of yoga for both physical and mental health.

The event began with a formal welcome address by Dr. Kuljit Singh, Academic Coordinator of Bhaderwah Campus. Dr. Singh warmly welcomed all participants, expressing gratitude for their presence and encouraging them to embrace the day’s significance dedicated to health and wellness.

A highlight of the celebration was a comprehensive yoga session led by experienced instructor Miss Rashmi Baloria. Participants engaged in various yoga postures and breathing exercises, experiencing firsthand the rejuvenating effects of this ancient practice. Following the yoga session, a brief talk was held on the importance of incorporating yoga into daily life to enhance overall well-being.

Prof. J. P. Singh Joorel, Rector of Bhaderwah Campus, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance and benefits of yoga. In his speech, Prof. Joorel stated, “Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it is a holistic approach to health and wellness. By integrating yoga into our daily routine, we can achieve a balance of body, mind, and spirit. We encourage everyone to participate actively and make yoga a part of their everyday lives. This year’s theme, ‘Yoga for Self and Society,’ highlights the dual benefits of yoga, fostering individual well-being and promoting a harmonious society.”

Dr. Subash Chander, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Bhaderwah Campus, presented the formal vote of thanks. He expressed heartfelt appreciation to all participants, instructors, and organizers for making the event a memorable and successful one.

The celebration of World Yoga Day at Bhaderwah Campus concluded on a high note, with participants expressing their gratitude and eagerness to incorporate yoga into their daily routines. The event served as a reminder of the profound impact of yoga on physical and mental health, inspiring many to embrace this practice.