Central Working Committee meets Administrative Secretary Education, apprises demands.


Jammu 22th Jan 2021 Central Working Committee Jammu (CWC) of All J and K Plus Two PSC Lecturers’  Association lead by its convener Manjeet Singh Chib called upon Administrative Secretary and apprised him of the genuine demands of lecturer community. The delegation raised the core issues with administrative secretary and sought his intervention for early redressal. The delegation informed administrative secretary that direct recruits are the worst sufferers having no financial growth that causes frustration and demotivation and even after rendering substantive service of more than 13 years working on the same grade. The delegation requested administrative secretary to intervene and issue the order of placement of confirmed lecturers as senior lecturer. The delegation appealed administrative secretary to address the long pending and legitimate demand of Assured Career progression (ACP) of +2 lecturers. The administrative Secretary said that the demand of ACP has been accepted and two functional promotions will be given in accordance with the provision of MACP.The delegation also expressed serious concern over the issues of notional effect being accorded while promoting to in charge lecturers. The delegation said that it sounds good that in charge lecturers are going to be regularized which is in fact their legitimate  right but at the same time the seniority of direct recruits should remain intact and all regularizations should be in the purview of SRO 743 applying the yardstick of “ whichever is latter “ so that the promotes may not steal march over the seniority of direct recruited lecturers. The members appealed Adm Secretary to implement Govt order No 743 in letter and spirit. AS per hand out issued Manjeet Singh Chib  thanked administrative secretary for giving patient hearing and assuring early redressal. Manjeet Singh said that it is good to know that the demand of MACP projected by Lecturer Association has not only been  accepted  but the department is very much serious to implement. He said that this is the outcome of the consistent efforts of the association. Chib said that they have been assured that the combined seniority will be notified shortly. He said that even after serving reminders from the office of Hon’ble advisor B HRM cell  is delaying the process and if order of placement is not issued in coming week the direct recruits are bound to go for pen down strike. He said that the placement process has been started six months back but the pace of work of HRM cell is highly questionable and the delaying tactics are beyond logic.Those who were part of the delegation include Sandeep Sharma,Dr.Sajay Arora and Sanjeev Gupta.