DIET Banihal conducted 5 day Capacity Building Programme on Activity Based Pedagogy to develop early literacy and Numeracy.


Banihal :PSTE Wing DIET Banihal conducted 5 day Capacity Building Programme (CBP) on Activity based pedagogy to develop early literacy and Numeracy.The aim and objective of this Capacity Building Programme was to train pre- primary/ primary level teachers to develop pedagogical skills of activity bsed learning and acquaint the particiants with the goals and targets of NEP 2020 with regard to ECCE.At the concluding session DIET Principal asked the participants to enhance their knowledge and skills for facing the challanges of 21ist century. She also advised the participants to develop the techniques of facilitating learners in a conducive, stress free environment.She impressed upon the participants to channalize their talent and energy in right perspective and deliver their best in the class.

M A Katoch ,the DNO of ECCE DIET Banihal highlighted the objectives of conucting these programmes and discussed the importance of using activity based pedagogy at pre primary level.He said that NEP 2020 has laid importance on the universalization of ECCE by 2030 and to provide free and quality ECCE so the need has arisen to train pre primary teachers and equipp them with the pedagogcal skills so that new trends and techniques of teaching may be practise to produce positive learning outcomes. He said that it is a revolutionary step to start kindergarten classes and it will be a step forward to raise quality education.He said that ECCE aims to ensure holistic development of a child and to prepare him/ her for smooth transition to later stages.He asked the participants to take it as a mission and develop passion for teaching.

      It is pertinent to mention here that DIET Banihal under PSTE Wing has trained more then 200 pre primary / primary level teachers whose services will be utilised at ECCE level.During CBP different KRPs,RPs delivered their lectures on different topics and equipped the participants with the knowledge and understanding of the skills of activity based pedagogy.During the workshop stress was given to develop skills of using locally available no cost teaching learning material and its effective use for ensuring holistic development of child at ECCE level.Some of the guest lectures were organised by renowed State Resource Persons.Tariq Manzoor Khan presented his lecture on the developmental of early literacy and numeracy through activities by using no cost TLM.He demonstrated how to develop early Literacy and Numeracy through activiies.Besides ,Shahida Iqbal also demonstrated on early literacy through activity and discussed the importance of sounds and speech. Others who delivered lectures include Nazir Ahmed Muggal on early numeracy ,Ashraf Hussain Katoch on early literacy and life skills ,Ajaz Ahmed Sohil on goals of ECCE, Nawaz Sharief Mir on Fun math for developing early numeracy”, Sweetee Sharma on ” Literacy through role play,Indu Sharma on language development and communication through story telling.At the end, feedback was sought and the responses of the participants were quite encouraging and positive.The participants said in their feedback that they would take this experience to their actual class and would take it as a mission.The participants showed great interest and enthusiasm to work at pre primary level.They requested Principal DIET Banihal to utilise their services for ECCE.The participants also requested to organize such programmes in future.Ghulam Mohd Bohroo DIET faculy member also spok on the occasion.He said that DIET is committed to work hard and play its vital role in training and updating the teachers to raise quality education.At the concluding session M A Katoch the coordinator of this CBP who is also the DNO for ECCE lauded the efforts and dedication of RPs .He said that the RPs who have been involved in imparting training programmes on ECCE are fully equipped with pedagogical skills and acquainted with the vission and mission of NEP.He also assured the participants that he would request SCERT,DSEJ ,CEO Ramban to utilize the services of these teachers at ECCE level so that the goals laid down in NEP 2020 can be realised. A R Giri Principal HSS Boys Banihal who was also invited as a special guest congratulated DIET Banihal and M A katoch for concluding such wonderful programmes.He appreciated the RPs for enlighting the participants through innovative pedagogy.He also asked the participants to bring this wonderful experience to ground level and apply innovative pedagogy to shape and color the growing buds.He also lauded the spirit and dedication of M A Katoch for conducting such fruitful programmes.He said that the motivation among the participants was exemplary and the response was quite satisfactory.At the end of this programne Farooq Ahmed Wani,Farooq Ahmed Lone,Hilal Ahmed,Mohd Sharif Lohar in their feedback extended their gratitude to Principal DIET Banihal and M A Katoch for organizing such a successful programme and placing all possible arrangment.They termed this CBP as one of the best training Programne of their service career. M A Katoch thanked A.R Giri Principal HSS Boys Banihal for extending logistic support, cooperation and suitable accommodation.The Programme was coordinated by M A Katoch Sr.Academic officer and assisted by G M Bohroo Sr.Academic officer.