Celebration of Environmental Day in District Rajouri Schools Focuses on “Save Water” Theme


Rajouri, June 11, 2024:* The District Rajouri celebrated Environmental Day with great enthusiasm and a focused theme on “Save Water” across all High Secondary Schools and High Schools. A series of activities were organized to raise awareness among students and staff about the importance of water conservation.

The celebration included various engaging and educational activities such as painting competitions, lectures on water conservation, poster and banner creation, and other visual materials to promote the theme. Special lectures were conducted to highlight the importance of rainwater harvesting and the judicious use of water resources. These sessions aimed to impart practical knowledge and encourage sustainable water usage practices among students.

In his message, Chief Education Officer Rajouri, Mohd Mushtaq Chowdhary, emphasized the critical need for water conservation. He stated, “Water is a precious resource, and it is our collective responsibility to conserve it. I urge all students and staff to take proactive steps in saving water. Simple actions like fixing leaks, turning off taps while brushing, and using water-saving fixtures can make a significant difference. Let us all work together to ensure a sustainable future for our community.”

The event was marked by active participation from students and faculty, who showcased their creativity and commitment to the cause. The various competitions and activities not only provided a platform for students to express their ideas but also reinforced the importance of water conservation in everyday life.

The Environmental Day celebration in District Rajouri stands as a testament to the district’s dedication to environmental sustainability and the proactive steps being taken to educate the younger generation about the importance of conserving our natural resources.
The District Rajouri Education Department is committed to providing quality education and fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious community. Through various programs and initiatives, the department aims to empower students with knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens and stewards of the environment.