GHSS Berarru Summer Camp acquaints students about Water Conservation techniques


DODA JUNE 11: On the 6th day of Summer Camp, the volunteers from Eco Club of GHSS Berarru, under the guidance of Principal, Anjeel Kumar Thakur organized a series of activities blending education and action to instill the value of water conservation in students. The event, themed “Save Water,” aimed to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the participants.

The activities included checking for tap leakages, creating posters, delivering speeches, and testing the quality of drinking water collected from various sources.

Lecturer Chemistry, Surjeet Kumar guided students in testing water samples collected from Dradhu, Bhalla and Berarru springs as well as a groundwater sample from Nagbani, Jammu. The tests, conducted using reagents provided by the Jal Shakti Department, measured pH levels, hardness, and the presence of minerals such as Chloride, Fluoride, Iron, Nitrate, Sulphate, Phosphate, Calcium and Magnesium.

All samples met the quality standards, with the sample from Berarru showing a neutral pH of 7, while the other samples were slightly alkaline. Through these hands-on activities, students not only learned about water chemistry but also gained practical skills and knowledge essential for water conservation and environmental stewardship.