Vocational Skills awareness tour organized by GMS Bhaiya, Kathua



KATHUA: In line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, GMS Bhaiya, Zone Sallan of district Kathua organized a vocational tour for its students to visit the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Hiranagar on February 26, 2024. This visit was aimed at providing students with insights into vocational training facilities and potential career paths in technical fields.

The NEP 2020 emphasizes the importance of vocational education, viewing it as not just a route to employment but also a key for developing a well-rounded personality and fostering respect for manual labor. It proposes an integrated approach, introducing vocational subjects at the school level.
Upon arrival at ITI Hiranagar, students were given an introduction to the facilities and briefed about the various vocational courses offered. Guided tours of the institute’s workshops and laboratories were organized. ITI staff members provided insights into the importance of vocational education, skill development, and potential career opportunities in technical fields.

Our specialist mentors echo this sentiment. They say, “Vocational education provides students with a unique blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, which are in high demand in today’s job market.” They further add, “This visit to ITI Hiranagar was highly beneficial in exposing MS Bhaiya students to vocational training and technical education, giving them a first-hand experience of the facilities and courses available for skill development.”

In conclusion, the vocational tour was an eye-opening experience for the students, broadening their understanding of the practical application of their education and the vast opportunities for career growth in technical fields.