Meeting on conduct of Annual Summative assessments 2024 held at Zonal Education Office, Bani Kathua



Bani Kathua, February 26, 2024 – In an important stride towards educational excellence, a high-profile meeting was held today at the Office of the Zonal Education Officer Bani Kathua. The meeting was guided by Master Trainer Mr. Jia Lal, esteemed Headmaster of UPS Gatti School, and focused on the critical subject of “Recording Formats for Formative Assessment & Design of Result Sheet.”

This meeting was of particular significance as it was convened in the wake of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2024. The policy strongly emphasizes the importance of conducting annual formative assessments, a move aimed at enhancing the quality of education and ensuring continuous learning for students.

An integral part of the meeting was an orientation session directed towards the Heads of Institutions (HOI’s) of various schools in the region. These included Pay Centre UPS Neka, MS Sarthali, MS Bani, and GHS Bani School. The objective of this session was to ensure the smooth conduct of the Term 2 Examination/Summative assessments for the year 2024. This is in line with the guidelines of the New Education Policy 2020, which advocates for regular summative assessments to monitor the progress of students and provide valuable feedback for their learning journey.

The participants engaged in dynamic discussions and learned about the complexities of implementing the new formative assessment recording formats and designing the result sheet. One of the attendees noted, “The meeting was highly insightful and provided clear guidelines on the implementation of the New Education Policy 2020. We look forward to conducting the formative assessments in the most effective manner.”

The office of the Zonal Education Officer Bani, Kathua remains committed to ensuring that the guidelines and protocols set forth in the NEP 2024 are followed meticulously. This is a significant step towards paving the way for a robust educational framework in the region and the office is dedicated to providing all necessary support for its successful implementation. The meeting today is a testament to the continued efforts towards achieving educational excellence.