Guru Ravidaas Jayanti celebrated at GHSS Chann Rorian, Kathua




Celebrations filled the air at GHSS Chhan Rorian today, as students and faculty commemorated Ravi Dass Jayanti, a festival honoring Guru Ravi Dass Ji. The event, held on February 23, 2024, was presided over by Principal Mr. Subash Chander.


The day’s proceedings were initiated by Senior Lecturer Mr. Parveen Kumar, who paid his obeisances to Guru Ravi Dass Ji. This was followed by the traditional lamp-lighting ceremony, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the ushering in of knowledge. The ceremony was a solemn occasion, with all members of the GHSS Chhan Rorian staff participating in the ritual.


An integral part of the festivities revolved around the students, who took turns reciting dohas, or couplets, of Guru Ravi Dass Ji. The dohas, rich in wisdom and teachings, were a fitting tribute to the revered Guru. Through the recitations, the students were able to shed light on the profound teachings of Guru Ravi Dass Ji, whose philosophies continue to guide millions around the world.


Today’s celebration of Ravi Dass Jayanti at GHSS Chhan Rorian was not only a tribute to Guru Ravi Dass Ji but also an opportunity for the students to delve deeper into his teachings. It served as a stark reminder of the enduring relevance of his philosophies in today’s world.