Community mobilization camp for inclusion of new students held at GMS Sarthali, Zone Bani



In a significant development highlighting the importance of community outreach for the inclusion of schools in government schools, a community mobilization camp was organized on February 26, 2024. Led by Mr. Ravinder Singh, the Headmaster of the Government Girls Middle School in Sarthali Zone Bani, the camp took place in Sarthali. The event was well-attended by parents, PRIs, and prominent figures of Panchayat Gatti.
The community of Panchayat Gatti and adjoining Panchayats were informed about various schemes of the Education Department, underscoring the crucial role of community involvement in educational upliftment. Reflecting on the event, a participant remarked, “It’s enlightening to see the dedication of the Education Department in reaching out to us. We now have a clearer understanding of the various schemes available for our children’s education.”
The event set a powerful precedent for future community engagement and inclusion initiatives, emphasizing that when communities and schools work together, the future of education becomes brighter.
The event was not just an informative session but also sparked valuable discussions on education and the community’s role in it. Parents and community leaders actively participated, exchanging views and ideas on how to contribute to the educational progress of their children.
An attendee from the Panchayat Gatti expressed, “We are inspired by today’s event. It is a great initiative to involve us in our children’s education. We are ready to support and to work hand in hand with the schools and the government.”
The community mobilization camp is just one of the many steps in the government’s effort to ensure that every child has access to quality education. It signifies the government’s commitment to reach out to every parent and community leader, making them active partners in the mission of creating a brighter and promising future for our children.