Workshop on Diya making held at GMS Rampur, Kathua: Spotlight on Clay Art



On the 26th of February 2024, a unique vocational workshop took place at the Middle School in Rampur Zone, Billawar. Under the guidance of Headmaster Shri Mulkh Raj Sharma, the workshop was aimed at familiarizing students with the traditional art of Diya (earthen lamp) making from cow dung and clay.


The workshop was led by expert craftsman Kewal Kumar, who demonstrated the tools and techniques used in this unique form of clay art. The students displayed a keen interest in learning this skill, actively participating in the process.


This workshop reflects the broader vocational educational goals outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The NEP emphasizes the importance of imparting skill-based education in schools, with a focus on local arts, crafts, and traditional skills.


By introducing students to Diya making, the workshop not only promoted an ancient Indian craft but also provided students with a hands-on experience of a potential vocation. Such initiatives align with the NEP’s objective of fostering creativity, critical thinking, and practical skill-set among learners, preparing them for the future while preserving the country’s rich heritage.


These educational endeavors empower students with practical skills that complement their academic knowledge, truly encapsulating the spirit of the NEP’s vocational goals.