The day that recognises the quintessence of a mother was celebrated in noble spirits and merriment. This being one of those occasions that none of us can afford to miss was intently adored by one and all. No matter to which culture or religion we belong to but the bond that we share with our mothers is incalculable.

Making a flawless day needs a superlative planning and for this day we were planning from a week and our efforts were met with success with cheerful faces all around. We at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu posits in making our children aware of their responsibility which they are forgetting as sons and daughters. Keeping this panorama in mind a special assembly was organised in the school precincts with the active participation of our children who shed light on the pivotal role of mothers, their sacrifice and their untiring efforts to make all of us happy.Apart from this an emotion stirring skit was presented by Sanskritians which portrayed the unconditional love of our mothers. This was followed by card making, collage making, purse making & poem recitation activities by our primary wing Sanskritians who articulated their emotions towards their mothers through these activities.

Conjointly our middle wing Sanskritians created tantalising and winsome collages and posters in which they tried to showcase that how our mothers would literally sacrifice anything for us if needed. Collage making on mothers’ day was also commemorated in senior wing in which our senior Sanskritians insinuated the strong concern, desire and prominence of their mothers in their life and that too at this stage of life. It was a pleasure watching our Sanskritians doing such activities with avid spirit.

Although one day is not sufficient to say thank you to our mothers but we tried our best to make our Sanskritians convey gratitude to their mothers. In the end our Principal cum Vice-Chairperson Ms.RohiniAima conveyed her heart warming feelings filled with air of intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement towards our Sanskritians and their mothers and asserted thatin today’s era of westernisation we need to make earnest effort to instilthe paramountcy of mother in a child’s life through effective means.