With the commencement of 29th NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY WEEK 2018 , under the theme ‘ SADAK SURAKSHA JEEVAN RAKSHA” , we at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu celebrated this week with an intend to make our children vigilant and to incorporate in them a sense of traffic etiquettes. In today’s era where rash driving has become a trend among youngsters , we believe in channelizing their energy towards right direction. We have taken this opportunity to provide them plethora of experiences wherein they are groomed into responsible citizens of our country.

Under this contingency and in collaboration with Radio Mirchi, we have organised a special programme under the flavour of the month “ MIRCHI CHALLAN” in which a team of 15 bikers and 5 officials visited our school and were welcomed warmly with symphony and bewildering dance performance. The purpose behind their visit was to conduct a workshop to vivify our children about the consequences of violating the traffic rules and how to mitigate road accidents to a great extent. Also there was an interactive session with RJs followed by a band performance.

Conjointly a “NUKKAD NATAK” was also performed in which our Sanskritians left the audience enchanted and captivated them by their performance and awareness about the importance of concurring traffic rules with full faith in them.

The day was relinquished with a hope and pledge to work on the guidelines given by the officials and with the reassuring words of our Principal cum Vice Chairperson of the school Ms. Rohini Aima who conveyed gratitude towards the bikers and officials from Radio Mirchi for their visit and enlightening our children and staff and asserted that human life is very precious and we should not let it go waste and succumbed to injuries caused by road accidents. She ensured that our children will play a crucial role in making the masses vigilant about convoying traffic rules.