Little acknowledgement towards environment and modification in our behaviour towards it can accrue results which are beneficial for the human race. Insulating environment is our paramount duty which we shouldn’t ignore. In the era of technological advancement we have become more of technocrats than human beings. Somehow our children are also following the same footsteps which should be curbed otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. In order to avoid any further deterioration to our environment and chaperon it, we at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu celebrated a weeklong celebration in the school premises and outside it.
The celebrations began with multifarious activities in different wings where in every student participated with hilarity and impetuosity. It began on 25.05.18 when our little Sanskritians of class 1st-2nd bewitched everyone with the awareness they possess about 3R’ i.e Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. This was followed by another enlightening activity in which class 3rd- 4th children enthralled the teachers with their papers bags which they created themselves and wrote slogans on them highlighting the consequences of using plastic bags.
Conjointly our middle wing students left everybody in awe when they created stuff from waste materials in idiosyncratic way using innovative ideas. On 28.05.18 our middle wing Sanskritians marched a rally along with teachers in which they created mass awareness about the importance of celebrating this day.
Proceeding to next activity our senior wing Sankritians spawned divulging posters on
“School – a place free from plastics” in which they portrayed how can we create plastic free society. Not only this our class 11th n 12th students conducted school waste audit about how to devise ways to reduce the waste generated in school. This audit broadened the horizon of all the people who witnessed it.
The day ended with the spurring speech of our Principal cum Vice Chairperson Ms Rohini Aima who is always cognizant of the efforts which our children and faculty puts in to make any event successful and she aforementioned that it is high time now that we should become environment sensitive. If we continue to harm it recklessly we have to fight a battle for our survival. Nurturing and caring for our environment is the biggest responsibility that we as humans need to fulfil.