Forest fire takes a toll on Rajouri locals’ health


Amid the wild fire raging in the forests area of Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district for the past three days, Locals in are complaining of being exposed to a number of health diseases.
The students are finding it difficult to continue their schools as the air quality in the area has deteriorated.
“Officials are working to control the fire, but it is difficult to do so as no fire tenders can reach here. We are facing difficulty in commuting and studying due to the forest fire,” one student said.
Another added: “We are being exposed to a number of diseases and pollution. Due to forest fire, the temperature has increased in the area. We would like to request people to not put trees on fire.”
District Forest Officer said people involved in the rescue operation themselves have fallen sick due to fire.
“The heat is making it tough to control the fire but we are at it. It’s not easy to go near to it. We have full support from all the departments. People in the rescue operation have themselves fallen sick,” the official said.
This comes after Indian Air Force helicopters doused a forest fire that broke out in Trikuta Hills of Katra district, using under-slung Bambi buckets.
According to forest department officials, the soaring temperature and the lack of rainfall are the main reason behind the rise in the incidents of the forest fire.