CEO Kishtwar inspects Exam Centres to Ensure Smooth Conduct of Annual Regular 10th Class Exam in Kishtwar District

Took stringent action for Identified Unfair Means during Examination Inspections;Warns the Examinees to be cautious of adopting unscrupulous means


Kishtwar: In a proactive move to guarantee the integrity and fairness of the Annual Regular 10th Class examinations, Chief Education Officer Kishtwar R K Vesheshta today conducted thorough inspections at various JKBOSE examination centers.

The Chief Education Officer visited examination centers at HSS Boys Kishtwar, HSS Girls Kishtwar, ABN Kishtwar, and BVM Kishtwar.

During these visits, Mr. Vesheshta underscored the significance of a seamless examination process and urged all heads of educational institutions to ensure that students encounter no obstacles during the exams while strictly adhering to the prescribed guidelines.

Notably, the CEO meticulously reviewed the seating arrangements of students to ascertain compliance with the assigned roll numbers and to verify the absence of any items that could compromise the fairness of the examinations.

Acknowledging the pivotal roles of observers, invigilators, and custodians, the CEO emphasized their responsibility in maintaining the highest standards of examination conduct. He sought assurance that all guidelines provided by the Board were diligently followed to ensure a fair and transparent examination environment.

During the comprehensive inspection of examination centers in Kishtwar, Chief Education Officer R K Vesheshta identified instances of unfair means in specific locations. Notably, 2 cases were observed in GHSS Boys Kishtwar, 1 case in ABN, and 2 cases in GHSS Girls.

In response to these findings, the Chief Education Officer emphasized that strict action, as mandated by JKBOSE regulations, will be promptly taken. This commitment underscores the determination of the education authorities in Kishtwar to maintain the integrity of the examination process and ensure a level playing field for all students.

Additionally, Mr. Vesheshta directed the concerned authorities to exercise utmost care in the distribution of examination papers, reiterating the importance of strict adherence to guidelines throughout the examination process.

These efforts by the Chief Education Officer underscore the commitment of the education authorities in Kishtwar to uphold the sanctity of examinations and provide students with a conducive and fair environment for showcasing their academic abilities.