Various educational activities held at GHSS Dradhu on the eve of 10th International Day of Yoga.



Doda June 20-Government Higher Secondary School Dradhu organised various activities under 10th International Yog Day. Activities that were conducted today viz- meditation, poster making, skit, Symposium,Quiz.
70 students and 20 teachers also participated in this.

The theme of the 10th International Yoga Day is “Yoga for self and society”. Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being that assist in restoring balance in our busy life. Yoga improve strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga enhance our memory. According to a studies, a 20 minute yoga before studying can enhance concentration. Intense yoga can encourages better circulation of blood from our body to brain. This enable active cell growth for cognition and learning which is very beneficial for students.

The activities was organised by Ankita Kotwal Nodal officer of Cultural Cell under the supervision of Mr.Javed Iqbal (Lect.Physics)