Youth Congress Chandigarh organised a blood donation camp


Youth Congress Chandigarh organised a blood donation camp. 95 have donated blood in the camp, of which more than 20 members donated blood for the first time. CYC organized the camp, which is very remarkable. CYC Bearers was present in the blood donation camp. The office bearers also donated blood. Camp organizers arranged fruits, Milk and biscuits for the blood donors.The chief guest of the programme was the Manish Bansal(Youth Leader) are. Approximately 90 units of blood were collected in the camp. State President Barinder Thakur encouraged the donours by telling that blood donation is not a small donation it is a very big donation. It could save someone’s precious life, Could light a family’s lamp, and could give happiness to a family. Manish Bansal said that blood donation is known as a huge donation. Accidents are happened almost daily in our Country. therefore inflated by donating blood in the hospital, which is provided to the patient at the time the blood is attained accident. Abhishek Sharma, said that there are a lot of misconceptions related to blood donation but they are not true. Whenever anyone donates blood it also inspires others for the same. I would like to overcome those fears. After donating blood there is no weakness in the body of any kind. The doctors of GMHH-32 on the occasion checked the haemoglobin of the Members before they donated blood. Girls and boys alike, doctors said could donate blood. Jaanu Malik encouraged the members to take part in such good deeds. Navdeep Singh appreciated this great service of the Members and the work of the spirit among them he also said that any healthy person over 18 can donate blood. They give blood before and after giving blood for all sorts of things, attention should be informed about this. The students were given certificates and badges. Many Members donated blood for the first time. Many Members expressed their resolve to donate blood for the needy