Zonal Education Officer, Nagseni Mr. Nizam-ud-din, Conducts Inspection to Assess Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) in Designated Polling Stations within Schools Ahead of Lok Sabha 2024 Elections



Zone Nagseni: Today, Zonal Education Officer,Nagseni Mr. Nizam-ud-din, embarked on a crucial visit to evaluate the Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) at the designated Polling Stations in HS Bandarna and MS Pohie Khurd zones of Nagseni.

This assessment comes in preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for 19th April in the district for Udhampur Parliamentary constituency.

During his visit, Mr. Nizam-ud-din provided essential directives to the Head Officers of Institutions (HOIs) to ensure that all Polling Stations are equipped with the necessary facilities well in advance of the polling day. These directives aim to streamline the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the polling process, ensuring a seamless voting experience for all citizens.

Furthermore, Mr. Nizam-ud-din undertook an inspection of the Kindergarten facilities at MS Pohie Khurd, meticulously scrutinizing their functionality. This thorough examination underscores the commitment of the education authorities to uphold standards of excellence in educational infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The visit by Mr. Nizam-ud-din underscores the proactive measures being undertaken to facilitate smooth and efficient electoral processes while simultaneously ensuring the provision of quality educational facilities within the district.