“Ayurvedic Daily Rhythm”


Today a well structured lecture delivered by Mr Vijay Singh supervisor Pharmicst at GHSS Gurah Kalyal Zone Bhaddu District Kathua on “Ayurvedic Daily Rhythm”. He elaborated that we all try to live a healthy life by incorporating good habits in our lifestyle. Because who doesn’t want to live fearlessly without worrying about health problems? However, in today’s world, it has become challenging to pay equal attention to health and work. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle by following Dinacharya, an Ayurvedic daily routine is a simple solution to all the health related worries and key to promoting a harmonious balance between mind, body and soul.
*Although, Mrs Surekha Raina Principal GHSS Gurah Kalyal also spoke in length she stressed that in every day, time is given to us as a gift, but we never seem to have enough of it. To create a better mind,