District Election Authority in Doda Orchestrates Extensive SVEEP Campaign Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections


DODA MARCH 28 : As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, the distric election authority under the direction of district election officer Doda Harvinder Singh is leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum voter awareness and participation. A comprehensive Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Program (SVEEP) was organized across various locations in the district, aiming to educate and mobilize the public for the upcoming electoral process.

SVEEP, an initiative by the Election Commission of India, is designed to engage voters and increase their participation in the democratic process. Through a series of awareness campaigns and outreach activities, SVEEP aims to empower voters with the necessary knowledge and motivation to exercise their voting rights.
The SVEEP program was organized under the supervision of Chief Education Officer Doda Sh.Parkash Lal Thapa at various government schools in the district. The Government Higher Secondary School in Koti, Bhagwah, Khellani, and Trown witnessed the celebration of SVEEP activities and conducted various beautiful programs regarding SVEEP to create awareness.

The SVEEP program in District Doda saw active participation from citizens of all age groups and backgrounds. Various initiatives such as voter awareness rallies, street plays, poster campaigns, and door-to-door campaigns were organized to disseminate important information about the electoral process, including voter registration, polling booth locations, and voting procedures.

Speaking about the significance of the SVEEP program, various speakers emphasized, “The success of democracy hinges on the active participation of citizens in the electoral process.

The program also utilized digital platforms and social media channels to reach out to tech-savvy voters, ensuring comprehensive coverage and engagement across all segments of society. Additionally, interactive sessions and workshops were conducted in educational institutions to educate students about the importance of electoral participation and civic responsibility.

As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha elections, the [District Name] administration reaffirms its commitment to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections. Through initiatives like SVEEP, the administration endeavors to strengthen the foundation of democracy by fostering a culture of active citizenship and voter engagement.